About the Ambulatory Phlebectomy Procedure

An experienced surgeon, Lawrence J. Markovitz, MD, provides solutions ranging from ambulatory phlebectomies to endovenous laser treatments through Virginia Vein Care. A non-invasive procedure, ambulatory phlebectomy involves extracting superficial veins through a small incision. The therapy is especially effective for eliminating varicose or other unsightly veins. During the outpatient procedure, patients receive local anesthesia, and a trained physician such as Dr. Lawrence Markovitz surgically removes the targeted veins. The operation does not require sutures and usually does not cause scarring.

Following the treatment, patients may experience swelling near the surgical site. For a period following the operation, doctors may advise patients to wear compression stockings or compression bandages. Patients are usually free to resume their day-to-day activities after the surgery, with restrictions on strenuous activities.

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